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June 15th, 2011

If you think you have what it takes put your Kendama where your mouth is! Post your best Kendama tricks to our web site and we may just sponsor you. Use the comment feature or post your youtube video and show the world what you can do.

Thanks for taking the time to visit

We are offering a free t-shirt and 10 Kendamas to the best photo of the month each month until 2012. The photo can be anything you want as long as it contains a Kendama purchased from

We will be posting the photos on our site each day as they come in. You can also do a youtube video if you would like. Just send us the youtube video link and we may feature you on our site.

We look forward to seeing and posting the photos/videos.

What tricks can be done with a Kendama? The answer is any trick you can come up with. Just name it using our web site.
Kendama tricks list as of June 15, 2011:

1.around the world- big cup-little cup-tower-spike
2.slip on spike- crossbar to sliding spike
3.earthspin- spike to flip back on spike
4.around japan- big cup-little cup- spike
5.around europe-spike-big cup-spike-little cup-spike-tower-spike
6.bird- balance ball between spike and cup
7.under bird- balance ball between cup and tower
8.lighthouse- balance tower on ball
9.airplane- swing ken to land spike while holding the ball

If you have a trick you want to add, post a video or describe it and we will add it. You will likely need to make a video showing how its done…after all its your trick :) Include in your video and we might just send you a t-shirt or hat.

16 Responses to “Show Off”

  1. Santy says:

    Hope You like THese pics ,,haha took a long time to make :)

  2. Santy says:

    Hey just thought i’d add a few tricks to your list if you’ll take them haha Enjoy!
    Hey i call this trick big cup kenflip spike and little cup kenflip spike
    This one is bird to kenflip spike
    This one is stilts to stilts flip to in
    I call this one base kenflip….

  3. says:

    little edit of a few clips i had to throw together so they wouldnt get deleted!

    and heres a mini edit made for The Kensession Stand mini edit contest

    tell me what you think!

  4. ken.king21 says:

    hello me and my brother are new we just want to no what tricks y’all would like us to do to get sponserd or join your team so if you would comment back that would be really great so thank you?

  5. bakersk8er10 says:

    this is a video showing how to do around europe

  6. Alarii Lopez says:

    Hey, just wondering if you wanted to take a look at my new edit.
    Here’s the link:

    And here’s my email:

    Alarii Lopez

  7. Boss says:

    please sponser me

  8. whosyrdaddy202 says:

    Here’s my video & Picture! Hope you enjoy!

  9. Matt Anderson says:

    I am VERY interested in your sponsorship, and so, I dedicate this edit to you guys! If you would like to sponsor me, email me at Thanks and enjoy!

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